About Joanne


So --- You want to get married?

After the uforia of becoming engaged wears off it's time to start planning your wedding.  It doesn't matter if there are 2 guests or 200, I believe the most important hire is that of your officiant.  This is the person who performs your wedding ceremony on the happiest day of your life.  Make sure you have a connection with that person.  Talk to all of the officiants you are considering and choose the one that makes you the most comfortable. 


Locations are important too

Whether your wedding is on the beach, in a park or under a beautiful ficus tree, scout around for a location you truly love.  You'll have photos of this day for the rest of your life and you want that location to be special.


Love is the most important ingredient

As long as you and your fiance are in love, that is all that matters.  God doesn't put people together based on gender, religion or color.  God puts people together who are truly in love.  No matter what your situation is, I am happy to perform your ceremony and help make it the most special day of your life.